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Let the Earth bring forth...
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Her Name
They use her name but they do not know her and she does not know them.
They move like a pack of hyenas, destroying cities and places of worship, spilling innocent blood and spitting on the downtrodden, the very people she lives to protect. She screams with rage from the deepest pit of the Duat, cursing the mortals who dare profane her name.
She was the great goddess. Mother. Midwife. Creator. Healer. Queen of Heaven. Her breasts swelled with life-giving milk and her tears flooded the fields and gave sustenance to her children. But she was the patron of the downtrodden and enslaved, and when the Hebrews invoked their great and terrible God against her own children, she alone remained silent. She sympathized with their plight and watched with approval as they left for their promised land and she was content with the belief that she had seen the last of them and their strange ways. But she was wrong.
The worship of the Hebrew God spread like wildfire, igniting the minds and hearts of men
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Kaa reacts to Disney
"Cowardly, fearful of Shere Khan," said Bagheera under his whiskers.
"Sssss! Have they ever called me that?" said Kaa.
"Something of that kind it was that they said on the internet, but we never noticed them. They will say anything - even that thou art a lisping pedophile with Winnie the Pooh's voice (they are indeed shameless, the Walt Disney Company)," Bagheera went on sweetly.
Now a snake, especially a wary old python like Kaa, very seldom shows that he is angry, but Baloo and Bagheera could see the big swallowing muscles on either side of Kaa's throat ripple and bulge.
"They called me also 'Scarlett Johansson' was it not?"
"Cowardly, comical," said Bagheera; "as well as other things which I cannot say for shame."
"We must remind them to speak well of their master. Aaa-sssh! We must help their wandering memories."
:iconthemorlock:TheMorlock 5 15
“Wake up, sleepy head! It’s time to go.”
The boy’s sister shakes him awake. The crow feathers tied into her hair tickle his nose and she laughs at him. He rubs his eyes and pulls himself up into a sitting position, blinking in the bright morning light pouring in through the mouth of the cave where the clan spent the night. The rest of the clan is already stirring, shouldering spears and baskets, preparing for the day’s hunting and gathering. He stands up, stretches, and yawns and his sister hands him a basket. He is not old enough to join the rest of the men and some of the sturdier women on the hunt, but he will be old enough soon and he looks forward to it. He follows his sister out of the cave, feeling the warm sun on his skin, and the cool morning breeze in his hair. The warm days have come again, freeing him and the clan of the cumbersome, smelly and lice-infested burden of clothes. He takes a few steps away from the mouth of the cave and squats to de
:iconthemorlock:TheMorlock 11 19
The Orks
Orks (Homo orcus) are a race of sentient hominids included in the “Five Races”. Orks exhibit many features in common with more archaic hominids, suggesting an early point of divergence.
Physical appearance
Orks are a large and robust species, regularly ranging between 6 and 8 feet in height (rivaling some giants in size at the top of their range). They are broad-shouldered with barrel-shaped rib cages and lack the prominent waist seen in smaller, more gracile hominids such as humans (Homo sapiens) and fae (Homo nympha). The arms and legs are thick and well-muscled. The head is large with saggital crest to support the powerful jaw muscles, and a broad face, exhibiting the hooded nose common to the Homo genus, and the heavy brow ridge and sloping forehead characteristic of more robust species. The eyes, which are adapted for night vision, are large with yellow or red irises. Of particular note are the teeth which are specialized for a
:iconthemorlock:TheMorlock 17 15
Happy Halloween! :iconthemorlock:TheMorlock 5 27
I am Dreadnoughtus
I am Dreadnoughtus: I fear nothing.
The very earth trembles when I walk, and all creatures flee before me.
My tail sways like a mighty redwood: my limbs are as tree trunks.
Carnotaurs skulk in the shadow of the redwoods. They hiss and growl as I pass, but I do not fear them. I fear nothing.
I am chief among the creation: none dare approach me.
The forests and fields bring me food: I am Dreadnoughtus, and all creation bows to me.
Out in the field, a raptor has brought down a young hadrosaur. The herd has panicked. Calves bawl for their mothers. I pay them no mind. They are beneath me: I am Dreadnoughtus.
I am he who stops the flow of rivers. I am he who devours forests: I am Dreadnoughtus.
It is night: birds and mammals hunt in the undergrowth. They clear out of my way as they hear me approach. I am dreadnoughtus and nothing stands in my way.
Night after night, I call out into the darkness, into the black void. There is no answer. No answering call. A shooting star streaks through the s
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Enjoy. :)

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