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June 19, 2012
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Amazonian "duckbills": Allegedly hadrosaur-like animals reported from the Amazon region. More information would be appreciated.
Amazonian "Iguanodon": Allegedly an Iguanodon-like creature sighted from time to time in the Amazon Rainforest. Possibly the same as the Mesquita "Camptosaur".
Amazonian ridge-backed dolphin: A river dolphin mentioned in tribal lore with a continuous row of small, triangular ridges down it's back, like several small dorsal fins next to each other. Possibly related to the cryptid Altamaha-ha of North America.
Arboreal giant anteater: An alleged new species reported by Zoologist Marc van Roosmalen. Roosmalen has named and described several new species in the past.
Brazilian little people: Very short people seen sporadically in the Amazon rainforest. Probably just a race of extremely short native people, similar to African "pygmies".
Black giant otter: A new species of otter reported by Marc van Roosmalen.
Cama-zotz: The "sudden blood-letter" or "death bat" of Mayan folklore. Supposedly a giant bat that attacked people and large animals to drink their blood. May be based on the extinct vampire bat Desmodus draculae.
DeLoys's ape: Also known as Ameranthropoids loysi. A Spider Monkey-like creature famously photographed by Francois DeLoys. Most likely a hoax, but has been identified with the Mono Grande by some locals.
Entzaeia-yawa: Also known as Water "Tiger". An aquatic feline reported from Ecuador. It is said to show a wide variety of colours, always solidly hued, ranging from white through brown and reddish to black. It's hair is long and the tail bushy. It is regarded as a dangerous nocturnal predator which comes on land at night to drag it's victims in to the water. It is feared as a man-eater to the point that natives refuse to bathe in the rivers alone. May actually be a type of otter, as it is said to have otter-like feet.
Giant anaconda:  Large anacondas alleged to dwell in the Amazon. While anacondas normally grow to 30 feet in length, the giant anaconda is said to grow upwards to 130 feet. Reptiles usually keep growing though-out their lives, so these may just be especially old individuals.
Giant Ground Sloth: Alleged relict ground sloths occasionally reported from South America. Often identified with the Mapinguari.
Glyptodont: Yet another alleged prehistoric surviver.
Jungle "Lion": A lion-like species reported from Peru.
Jungle Wildcat:  Allegedly pack-hunting felid reported from Peru. May be related to the Warracaba "Tiger".
Leopard-spotted Jaguar: A jaguar with the spot pattern similar to a leopard reported from the Peruvian rainforest.
Mapinguari: Also known as Isnashi. A large ape-like creature reported from Brazil and Bolivia. Reportedly leaves bottle-shaped footprints, hates water, gives off a putrid stench and emits a frightening shriek. Variously identified as a Giant Ground Sloth, or primate.
Marc van Roosmalen's monkeys: Many different species described by Marc van Roosmalen. Too many to list here, but see the link in the description.
Mesquita "Camptosaur": A Camptosaurus-like animal allegedly seen by a man named Alvaro Mesquita around the Amazon Basin in 1966.
Milne: A large black bear that is reported from the forests of Peru and Columbia. Probably a species of short-faced bear.
Mono Grande: A large monkey-like creature sometimes identified with the DeLoy's ape. Sometimes reported to use tools and live in crudely constructed huts.
Orange coati: An alleged new species of coati reported by Marc van Roosmalen. Coati's are small omnivorous mammals belonging to the raccoon family (Procyonidae).
Orange tayra: An alleged new species of mustelid reported by van Roosmalen.
Rainbow "Tiger": Also known as tshenkutshen. A large feline-like animal reported from Ecuador with a white coat, spotted with black, but having stripes of black, white, red and yellow across it's chest. It lives in the trees, jumping from branch to branch and trunk to trunk like a monkey, and has well built, strong front limbs armed with front-paws that are designed for gripping branches. It is considered to be the most dangerous animal in the forest. May actually be a form of monkey.
Saber-toothed cat: Alleged Smilodon-like animal reported from the montane forests of Colombia and Ecuador. In The Cloud Forest (1966), Peter Matthiessen relates a story told by a sailor in Paraguay: "[He] described a rare striped cat not quite so large as a jaguar and very timid, which is possessed of two very large protruding teeth: this animal, he said, occurs in the montains of Columbia and Ecuador, and he has glimpsed one himself" Karl Shuker in Mystery Cats of the World mentions an alleged shooting of a "mutant jaguar" (as locals called it) in Paraguay. Zoologist Juan Acavar measured it's canine teeth, which were fully 12 inches long! He thought it was a Smilodon, but the authorities stuck with the jaguar identification to avoid causing panic. Nothing more ha been heard of this specimen. Bernard Heuvelmans hypothesized that such creatures were actually the marsupial Thylacosmilus, but this is unlikely.
Sachamama: Also known as Minhocao. A large (40-105 ft in length) armored serpentine creature reported from Brazil. Said to be aquatic. May be a giant snake, or amphisbeanian.
Shiashia-yawa: A jaguar-like feline well-known to the local hunters of Ecuador. It is much smaller than a jaguar and has a coat of white hair with closely-placed, solid black spots.
South American "sauropods": Alleged sauropod-like animals. One rock painting shows a group of hunters surrounding a large animal with a very long neck and tail. Possibly a relict titanosaur, but may also be a cryptodire tortoise, undescribed lizard, or mammal.
Speckled "Tiger": A large feline with a peppering of speckles reported from the rainforests of Peru.
Tapire-iauara: Also known as pama-yawa, tai-acu-iara or onca d'agua. An animal that is reported from remote areas of the Amazon Rainforest with characteristics that remind witnesses of both a tapir and a jaguar. It allegedly has a feline face and front paws, but it's back legs are hoofed like a tapir. Other bizarre features include large ears that it uses to slap the surface water to alert others of it's kind.
Tsere-yawa: A social jungle cat that hunts in packs of  8 to 10. Brown in colour ("Tsere" means "Brown Capuchin Monkey"), and semiaquatic. May be related to the Jungle Wildcat and/or Warracaba "Tiger".
Warracaba "Tiger": Alleged tiger-sized, pack hunting felid from Guyana. Said to have a cry similar to the Warracaba bird, hence it's name, and reportedly fears water and canines.
White-throated black jaguar: A new species of Panthera proposed by Marc van Roosmalen.
The lush rainforests of the Amazon region are a cryptid hotspot.

Removed all references to the Curupira plateau, because there is apparently no such place!

Edit: Removed the new tapir because it's not a cryptid anymore! It's been officially described and named:…

Marc van Roosmalen's website:…
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